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Franchise Advantages

Franchise Advantages

We have been recognized as an innovative organization, dedicated to developing the most exclusive, educationally inclined and planned play school programme. Our brand is the most exclusive pre-school brand in the nation. Our network has branches across the nation & we are fast emerging as the preferred pre-school for most information-oriented parents.

There are several advantages of being a part of our enterprise:

• Vast experience in the education sector.

• Commanding position on a nationwide basis.

• Hundreds of successful schools running throughout the country.

• Proven business model that works like a miracle.

• Own books, publications and other resources.

• Availability of all dress material and stationery.

• Assistance in developing infrastructure and designing interiors.

• Guidance in interviewing, recruiting and evaluating teaching staff.

• Effective ways of facing and solving problems including administrative, marketing, academics etc.

• Continuous updates on current educational developments.

• Complete range of educational support services.

• Assistance on a day-to-day basis in a 24x7 environment.

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