Terms and Conditions

1. All Franchise agreements have to be executed for a minimum period of 5 years plus additional quarters that would end agreement on 31st March of the consecutive year after the 5 year period.
2. All the expenses of the trainee like Traveling,Hotel,Lunch, Dinner, etc.. will be paid by you.
3. ROYALITY FEES :No Royalty on Students fees. Three Option For You to Pay it..
a. You will have to pay royalty on the admission, activity and annual fees as shown in the column.
0-30 20% 20% 20%
31-75 ——– 20% 20%
76-150 ——– ——– 20%
151-300 ——– ——– 18%
301-600 ——– ——– 15%
601-1000 ——– ——– 12%
1000+ ——– ——– 10%
b. (If you don’t want to go through this royalty free then you can pay Rs.75,000 as royalty for 5 years and can be free from the process)
c. To pay it randomly.
1-25 5,000 1
26-50 10,000 1
51-75 15,000 1
76+ 20,000 1
5. The above mentioned royalty is to be paid only once in a year.
6. We will provide you Books, Uniform, Shoes, Bag, Socks, Letterpad, Report Card, i-card, Fees account Software, BillBook Receipt, Stationery, etc..
7. aLL the Payments will be done through cheque or DD in the name of “Rich Look Education” account no.02810200002214, Bank of Baroda Branch, Udhna, Road no.10,Surat,Gujarat,India.

For New School Minimum Investment

1.We will provide you the above products for the investment of Rs.2,50,000.
2.Rs.1,00,000 we will provide 33 seats of Dull louf seats for 66 students OR 40 seater wooden desk for 80 Children
3.Rs.50,000 we will provide you Educational Wooden Puzzles, Display Pin Board, White board, Magnetic Cut outs, etc..
4.Rs.50,000 we will provide you slider, rocker, see-saw, swing, scooty, stepper, plastic toys, 35 Soft toys, 50 balls, etc..
5.Rs.50,000 Books, Bag, Shoes, Uniform, Admission form, etc.. for all the class PlayGroup, Nursery, Jr.kg, Sr.kg.
An ISO 9001:2008 Certified School
S.K.Dixit, Corporate Office : F-309,Udhna Udhyog Nagar,
Sangh Commercial Complex. Udhna, Surat, Gujarat, India.
Contact No : +91 9898675559, 9033317212
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